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VIC Systems International Inc.

Quality Packaging Equipment

VSI's family of packaging equipment is engineered to deliver the benefits of higher productivity through advanced automation, combined with the reliability of a simple efficient design.

Our valve bagging equipment is based on over twenty years of field proven design. We bring continuance of excellence to the market. The performance and reliability of our valve baggers are not only the result of superior engineering, but also the quality components that go into them. We select our suppliers with extreme care, then work with them to reach common goals of efficiency, quality, and durability.

We offer a variety of valve bag filler models, including air pressure valve packers, atmospheric valve packers, impeller valve packers and screw valve packers to meet multiple automated packaging needs. Our automated bagging equipment is used for packaging and bagging bulk material.

We also place considerable emphasis on key elements such as standardized components and serviceability. So no matter which valve packer model you choose, you enjoy these payback advantages:

  • Accurate weighing - no give-a-away.
  • Reliable, low maintenance costs.
  • Decreased labor costs.
    • No special skill or training required.
    • Digital weighing system.
  • Low initial cost.

Customer Satisfaction

VSI was established with customer service in mind. Our philosophy of service is simply to meet a need or request with the sincere desire to serve. Our customers trust us and we realize that excellent service is meeting your needs every time with dependability and value.